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Airplane disaster movies 1980s

airplane disaster movies 1980s It was the morning of Friday, Oct. Engineers had removed the pressure safet Nov 01, 2012 · The 10 Best Movies in Theaters Right Now By Paste Movies Staff November 5, 2021 Highway to Heaven and The Waltons TV Movies Shed Light on Nostalgia's Newest Tactic By Amy Amatangelo November 8, 2021 A Korean-American family moves from California to a tiny farm in Arkansas in pursuit of their American dream. 11. During the explosion, the ceiling of the Boeing 737-200 was torn open, but the Captain was able to land This is one of those older (1980) big-budget disaster films that unfortunately just has not held up very well. American Decades: 1980-1989 pdf. May 28, 2011 · Guardian 190 Munich air disaster. When they arrange for Soon-ja, the children’s sly, foul-mouthed grandmother, to come from South Korea to join them, the family weathers the challenges that come with starting a new life together. Thirty years ago, Delta Flight 191 crashed at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, killing 137 people. There were 75 survivors. Airplane! (1980) was a trend-setting, zany, hilarious comedy - using as its core material the airplane disaster film as the spoof's stepping stone, borrowing from the subplots of heavy-handed films in the 1970s decade with all-star casts, such as the Airport film franchise (Airport (1970), Airport 1975 (1974), Airport '77 (1977), The Concorde Jul 02, 2015 · Peter Graves, best known for starring on TV's "Mission: Impossible," got the role as Capt. Inside Job 88 (2010) Add to Netflix Queue. So there are lots of great stuff about it, from filmmaking to the box office and I enjoyed watching it, but did not like it as overwhelmingly. Stars Robert Stack, Lloyd Bridges, Peter Graves, Julie Hagerty, Robert Hayes. speed skater Eric Heiden also concluded one of the most amazing feats in sports history when he won all five speed skating medals from the sprint at 500 meters to the marathon 10,000 meter event. 12. "It might well be the most important film you see this year, and the most important documentary of this young century. T. The Fifth Element (1997) 7. The Poseidon Adventure (1972) 4. 40pm Thank You 1980, and Goodbye 8. 10. Both pilots and the flight engineer died, along with 2 out of 10 flight attendants and 96 of the 163 passengers on board. Sorry if I w Jul 02, 1980 · July 2, 1980, Section C, Page 17 Buy Reprints. 1980 Research pilot John Manke made several test flights in the Gossamer Albatross, part of a joint Dryden Flight Research Center/Langley Research Center project using humanpowered aircraft to collect data on large lightweight craft. Airplane! (198 0). Snakes on a Plane (2006) 5. A deadly virus wipes out the world, causing a few survivors to go underground. The end result is hysterical. Gaganam (2011) Sep 16, 2020 · And like NASA in the 1980s, SpaceX has plans to carry civilians into the final frontier, although its rockets have little in common with the space shuttle and come equipped with an escape system Mar 20, 2020 · Whether it’s zombies, monsters, or a climate disaster, movies have been tackling the apocalypse for decades. 00pm Film : The Charge of the Light Brigade (1968) 11. Possibly the most famous weather movie based on natural disasters is Twister, based on a severe outbreak of tornadoes in Oklahoma and the brave storm chasers in pursuit of the dangerous twisters. " 13. While slightly melodramatic, the movie is credited with creating the modern disaster genre. Jun 01, 2019 · In the early 1980s the offshore platform started producing gas, with three main gas transport risers and an oil export riser. 1. On its 28th flight, Columbia left Casualties of War (1989) 4 Mins Read. The sole survivor was 16-year-old passenger John McCafferty. Jan 30, 2017 · The 10 defining moments of the 1980s. A. After witnessing a plane crash at Logan International Airport, and saving people from a freak New York Subway accident, John realizes that the last disaster on the code is the end of the world when one of the Sun’s solar flares will scorch the Earth. Autumn 1982: Mankind has been wiped out except 863 persons on Antarctica. " Of course, that doesn't explain why "Airplane!" was used in the UK. It is greatly complicated by the fact that the copy of the film that Amazon is streaming is in absolutely horrible shape. The government spent four years and millions of dollars in the investigation. National Geographic Documentary Films is committed to bringing the world premium documentaries that cover timely, provocative and globally relevant stories from the very best documentary filmmakers in the world. Skyjacked (1972) 5. Movies - 1980s. Everything went wrong. Cast: Kirk Douglas, Farrah Fawcett, Harvey Keitel. May 01, 2006 · The Desert One Debacle. Parents need to know that Airplane! is a fast-paced, comic parody of the very popular disaster movies of the 1970s (Airport, The Poseidon Adventure). As an Air Force test pilot Scobee flew more than 45 types of aircraft, logging more than 6,500 hours of flight time. Oveur in part as a nod to his role in the TV air disaster movie, "SST Death Flight. Department of Commerce, includes published versions of aircraft accident reports for the late 1930's. Score. 4% increase since 1970. Rated PG (adult themes, suggestive dialogue) "Night of the Comet", "Miracle Mile", "The Quiet Earth", "Threads", & "The Day After" are on The Best Disaster Films of the 1980s on Flickchart. This tragedy had the worse death toll, with scores of people killed by an explosion at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia. The FBI said the disaster was not caused by a terrorist act Introduction. In the HBO Max series "The Flight Attendant," Cuoco stars as Cassandra, a functioning alcoholic whose life is turned upside Here is a list of the best plane crash movies ever made, ranked by film fans just like you. 30am F. When passengers and crew members get food poisoning on a jet, the alcoholic pilot is forced to take control but has his own battles fighting with his ex-girlfriend, wh0 just so happens to be a stewardess on the plane. Helens in Washington State, triggering the largest landslide in recorded history, and a major volcanic eruption that . Aug 16, 2020 · "Desert One": Inside the failed 1980 hostage 07:29 It is an indelible image of American military failure: The wreckage of the disastrous attempt to rescue American hostages from Iran 40 years ago. You know, other than showing us wicked explosions, fire-breathing Apr 29, 2020 · Aloha Airlines Flight 243 Incident, 32 Years Later. Play Trailer. In fact, one of the reasons Jul 30, 2019 · To help commemorate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, SpaceNews asked readers to weigh in on the must-see realistic space movies for anyone serious about space. , killing 78 people. Director: Clint Eastwood | Stars: Tom Hanks, Aaron Eckhart, Laura Linney, Valerie Mahaffey. With that said, here is the list of top hijacking movies ever. Nov 12, 2021 · The Stinger is a surface-to-air missile used by the United States Armed Forces and famously supplied to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan in the 1980s. According to lore, one flight was cancelled after the ghost of Captain Bob Loft appeared and disappeared in front The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster occurred on January 28, 1986, when the NASA Space Shuttle orbiter Challenger (mission STS-51-L) broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, leading to the deaths of its seven crew members, which included five NASA astronauts and two payload specialists. The twelve men were Jan 04, 2016 · United Flight 409: 1955 Crash Killed 66 People. The Day After (1983 TV Movie) 1970s-80s: Disaster Movies. There is also information concerning various aircraft accidents included in a volume entitled Destination Disaster: From the Tri-Motor to the DC-10, The May 15, 2013 · At only 4 years old, Crocker was the lone survivor of a 1987 plane crash that killed 154 people aboard and two on the ground near Detroit Metropolitan Airport. PBS Airdate: October 17, 2006. Jul 03, 2019 · Airplane! still stands as one of the funniest movies ever made. The incident is one of the deadliest single-plane crashes in history. After an outbreak dubbed the “Italian Flu” wipes out most of the world I am trying to name a film but no movie databases has the answer. Boxing team had been all but wiped out of existence following a tragic plane crash. A plane has crashed and the cast of the film turn out to be ghosts who 'disappear' as their bodies are recovered. ROBERT BRAGG (Pan Am Flight 1736 First Officer/Survivor): Get May 28, 2015 · Below you'll find movies featuring volcanoes, fires, tidal waves, epidemics, tornadoes and asteroids. 13pm News Headlines 11. John Vandel was a junior pharmacy major at the University of Wyoming when he and his Sigma Nu brothers received a phone call from United Airlines. Grab the popcorn and let the 30 May 1979; Downeast Airlines DHC-6 Twin Otter; flight 46; Boston, MA: The aircraft was on a scheduled domestic flight from Boston, MA to Rockland, ME. May 06, 2019 · Aeroflot plane crash: 41 killed on Russian jet. Forty-one people died after a Russian plane made an emergency landing and burst into flames just after takeoff from Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport Oct 21, 2019 · The ground near Mount St. Dec 01, 2017 · Airplane hijacking films don’t have a huge scope and hence, it is rare that these movies find much success. 88 minutes. Miracle Mile (1988) R | 87 min | Action, Drama, 3. Aircraft carrying the 'Busby Babes' crashes in Munich. (1980) 16 06/26/1980 (JP) Horror , Science Fiction , Drama , Adventure 2h 36m. This list of movies about air disasters is ordered by popularity, so only the greatest movies about a plane crash are at the top of the list. Moncrieff is a pilot for United Airlines. Saturn 3 (1980). April 1, 1980 - The 1980 census shows a population in the United States of 226,542,203, an 11. Jan de Bont ( Speed) directed the movie, which has gained a cult following since its release in 1996. Oct 05, 2021 · Airplane is a spoof comedy that pretty much makes a mockery out of all the 70s disaster movies. On August 16, 1987, Northwest Flight 255 crashed shortly after taking off from Detroit Metropolitan Airport, killing 156 people. " In the 1980s, viewers had more media options. Murdoch's Fox Television Network was the first new network since the 1950s to compete with the "Big Three. The aircraft struck several trees and crashed. It made Entertainment Weekly's list of the worst movie sequels ever, and Empire ranked it among the 50 worst movies ever, period. It was the decade of big hair, big phones, pastel suits, Cabbage Sep 17, 2021 · The Air Commerce Bulletin, published semi-monthly by the Aeronautics Branch of the U. Jul 27, 2020 · One of their favorite bad movies was the 1957 disaster "Zero Hour," in which a former Air Force pilot with issues (Dana Andrews) has to take the controls of a plane after its pilot falls ill. 45pm Main News, Weatherman 9. Nov 08, 2019 · This 1970 classic might be one of the first airplane disaster movies ever. Jul 12, 2017 · Experts say one of the deadliest air disasters in history was averted last week, after air traffic control prevented an Air Canada from landing on a busy taxiway, on which four aircraft were waiting. Oct 17, 2006 · The Deadliest Plane Crash. Aug 02, 2015 · D/FW airline disaster in ’85 helped start wind of change. Apr 27, 2015 · 4/28/1986: Chernobyl Disaster Damaged atomic reactor at Soviet Union's Chernobyl plant causes radiation leak. Charles Ferguson's documentary about the origins of the current financial crisis is the best film on the subject made so far, winning an Oscar in addition Jul 11, 2016 · Alamy. Although the Tomahawk is a type of cruise missile, no one had that call sign in the movie. " Apr 07, 2010 · July 19, 1989: United Flight 232 Crashes After hydraulic failure, United Airlines jet tries to land in Sioux City, Iowa. It stars Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin, and Jacqueline Bisset, and centers around the flight and ground crew who are Airplane 1980 is a, sort of, spinoff of more serious airplane disaster movies of the 1970s, starting in 1970 with Airport. Oct 02, 2019 · June 23: Air India Flight 182 is destroyed by a terrorist bomb off the Irish coast. The adventure is one of the hardest kinds of movie to define, but like certain other genres: “You know it when you see it. 7 February 1958: Seven of United's players killed: Matt Busby seriously hurt in Munich air crash. Air Force One (1997) R | 124 min | Action, Drama, Thriller. During this seven-day mission the Apr 06, 2020 · The disease disaster movie (1980) Virus is a Japanese movie that goes where more contagion movies should: Antarctica. 2. And for some sequels people actually liked, check out these 17 Movie Sequels Better Than the Original. 1. Action thriller - Elements of action/adventure (car chases, shootouts, explosions) and thriller (plot twists, suspense, hero in jeopardy). When Time Ran Out (1980) PG | 121 min | Action, Adventure, Drama 4. 07M Best Air Disaster Movies (Top 100 Airplane Movies) 1. Aug 16, 2021 · DETROIT – It’s one of the worst aviation disasters in U. Michael J Fox is absolutely remarkable as conscious-stricken GI…. Aug 29, 2009 · Three dates remain, all coming soon. The Silencers (1995). In the end there Nov 12, 2021 · 60 Essential Adventure Movies. Stinger is the CAG on the USS Enterprise and he does not like Maverick because he thinks he is too cocky. MIAMI – On April 28, 1988, Aloha Airlines (AQ) flight 243 suffered an explosive decompression, leaving a dead flight attendant and issues related with inspection and maintenance programs. To begin with, it's formatted in 4:3 pan-and-scan, so much of the picture is trimmed out. In April 1980, President Jimmy Carter sent the Army’s Delta Force to bring back fifty-three American citizens held hostage in Iran. Or at least bigger. May 27, 2021 · Kevin Moncrieff walks in the field where American Airlines flight 191 crashed nearly 40 years ago, on Thursday, May 16, 2019 in Des Plaines. Hope Virostek's jacket was adorned with so many space shuttle mission patches that she'd run out of room for more. a genre that exploded in the mid-20th century with disaster movies featuring volcanoes erupting 10. Here, we gather up the best end-of-the-world stories to hit the screen, and take a shot at analyzing what the point of it all is. 55am King Rollo Oct 19, 2011 · 1. Annie Hall (1977) Unlike the recent tragedies of the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes, which have been blamed — so far — on the aircraft itself, the Tenerife disaster was the culmination of bad luck and JSC/NASA. Mar 07, 2002 · Plot: An atomic superhero battles invading aliens and earthly bad guys in a special flight suit. The space shuttle Challenger disaster that occurred on January 28, 1986, marked one of the most devastating days in the history of space exploration. Red Eye (2005) Jun 03, 2018 · AIRPLANE! – Satire on disaster movies as a jetliner’s crew becomes ill during transcontinental flight. In a decade of change and consolidation, no one better epitomized the 1980's than media mogul than Rupert Murdoch. It is a parody of the airplane disaster movies which were popular for a time. Airport (1970) 3. Casualties of War is a haunting and emotionally moving morality tale, involving the gang rape and murder of a young Vietnamese woman by American soldiers during the Vietnam conflict. note Deconstructed Trope : Somehow, this movie still manages to have an example Played for Drama . The Piper Alpha disaster began on 6 July 1988, following a gas leak from one of the platform’s condensate pipes. This movie is an important piece of culture, but not for the way it represents the 80's. Tragedy at Plesetsk Cosmodrome. Who will inherit the earth? Jun 12, 2015 · On March 14th, 1980, the world, and the world of amateur boxing, was stunned to learn that the U. Feb 14, 2020 · In this 1970 disaster movie, a massive blizzard hits the fictional Lincoln International Airport in Chicago. Ted may be the closest thing to a pilot that they have, but even without taking his PTSD into account, Ted’s only ever flown a single engine plane Airplane is probably the writer/directors finest comedy and arguably one of the most genuinely funny films ever made. For the makers of this film, nothing is to be taken seriously, not even an impending airplane crash. 15pm Men v Women International Golf Challenge 12. Japan Airlines flight 123, also called Mount Osutaka airline disaster, crash of a Japan Airlines (JAL) passenger jet on August 12, 1985, in southern Gumma prefecture, Japan, northwest of Tokyo, that killed 520 people. The Lockheed L-1011 crashed into the Florida Everglades. Con Air (1997) 4. Also on board the plane are the usual Noah's Ark disaster movie crew, with a difference. The fireball in The action comedy sub-genre was re-vitalized with the popularity of the Lethal Weapon series of movies in the 1980s and 1990s. Just over a minute after the space shuttle lifted off, a malfunction in the spacecraft’s O-rings—rubber seals that separated its rocket boosters—caused a fire to start that destabilized the boosters and spread up the rocket itself. 05am Weatherman Tuesday 30th December 1980 BBC1 9. American Psycho (2000) Rotten Tomatoes® 67%. Plot: Two research scientists are living happily on a space station until a hostile killer robot arrives. Oct 11, 2021 · Columbia was the first space shuttle to fly in space; its first flight took place in April 1981, and it successfully completed 27 missions before the disaster. Ice Pilots NWT (2009-2014) Looking for more than a single movie or episode? Jan 27, 2016 · 1. The Langoliers (1995) 3. Oct 02, 2016 · Dan Air Flight 1008 (1980): Pilot appears to have mistaken "inbound" for "outbound" and flew in the wrong direction. The High and the Mighty (1954) Another airplane film directed by William Wellman, with the great Ernest Gann authoring not only the book on which it is based but also the screenplay. Jul 15, 2015 · Flying High! (1980) is the Australian title of the US film Airplane! (also 1980) because at the time Australia was still fighting the US usage and instead official used the term "Aeroplane. User. May 18, 2015 · On May 18, 1980, an earthquake struck below the north face of Mount St. Votes: 255,807 | Gross: $125. May 01, 2012 · Rare home video footage of the 1986 Challenger space shuttle tragedy has been uncovered. There is a stewardess (Lorna Patterson) who cries, at May 21, 2018 · DISASTER MOVIES MONTH: Airplane! (1980) As the seventies ended and a new decade dawned, the once-prosperous disaster movie genre was widely considered a joke. Parts of each of these movies appear in Airplane 1980. Sep 29, 2020 · From 'Twister' to 'The Poseidon Adventure' and 'This Is The End,' here are our picks for the best disaster movies of all time. The film follows a flight which is put in danger when a severe bout of food poisoning incapacitates the pilots and many passengers, and the desperate efforts to land it safely. American Airlines Flight 965 (1995): An air traffic controller's lack of Apr 16, 2020 · The fourth Jaws movie was nominated for four Razzies and won one for Worst Visual Effects. Director: Stanley Donen. Many of the James Bond series of films are icons of this popular sub-genre. ”Adventures are grand, exciting, and often epic tales, usually focused on people on a mission, whose purposes include fame, fortune, and glory. That’s right, we recommend some Rotten additions for your ’80s movie playlists, because this is one decade only fully experienced with the good, the bad, and the feathered neon. 12 Airplane! (1980) We just couldn’t make this list without Apr 03, 2020 · When Concorde did a barrel roll: A history of the Airport films. Jul 14, 2014 · 230 people were on board TWA Flight 800 from 13 countries. Helens started shaking roughly two months before the mountain finally erupted. An American Werewolf in London (1981) Rotten Tomatoes® 89%. At the same time, a plane about to land as the airport has a suicide bomber threatening to blow up the aircraft. United Airlines Flight 409 hit Medicine Bow Peak only 25 feet below the top, and left the tail section Dec 29, 2019 · Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 departed New York for Miami on December 29, 1972. In the new documentary, "Sole Nov 13, 2009 · On January 13, 1982, an Air Florida Boeing 737-222 plunges into the Potomac River in Washington, D. One of the film to do good business outside the domestic market, particularly in Japan and China. You can watch some of these best plane hijacking movies on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. Many of the drug and sexual references may fly over the heads of younger viewers. Nov 14, 2021 · Welcome to our big list of the most Essential 1980s movies, showcasing 140 of the decade’s best and most iconic Fresh (and not-so-Fresh) movies. According to National Geographic, geologists did their best to try and predict the scale of the disaster, but it was the '80s — the early '80s — the technology was limited and the historical data was scant. Both crew members and 15 of the 16 passengers were killed. The Deconstructor Fleet: Airplane! put an end to the genre of disaster movies for several years. On the morning of November 21, 1980, a Texaco oil rig team on Louisiana's Lake Peigneur noticed that their drill had seized up below the surface of the shallow lake. #movie #watchalong Thank you to higher tier Patron Colum Lennon for requesting this movie :)MINI REVIEW: LOL this was another good comedy movie. Traveling from New York to Warsaw to compete in events in preparation for the upcoming Olympic trials, the team's spirits were high and with a number of very 10. The Towering Inferno (1974) The story of Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, an American pilot who became a hero after landing his damaged plane on the Hudson River in order to save the flight's passengers and crew. Manke's flights were propelled by pedals on a bicycle-like arrangement that turned the propeller. Bill Wilson in Zero Hour! (1957), the serious air disaster film whose plot and dialogue Airplane! parodies. Official IMDB Link. I guess the important thing is they kept the exclamation mark. 25. history. All 329 aboard are killed. His father 3. NARRATOR: Blinded by thick fog, two fully loaded 747s race towards disaster. In 1978 Scobee entered NASA's astronaut corps and was the pilot of STS-41-C, the fifth orbital flight of the Challenger spacecraft, launching from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, on April 6, 1984. The 1980s were an era where Greed Was Good and the hair was even better. Rated R. Investigators found the cause U. C. 7 Mar. While there’s not much in terms of the four horsemen, the best post-apocalypse Apr 21, 2016 · The Russian disaster film, partially inspired by the 1980 film of the same name. July 3: "Back to the Future," the first of a sci-fi trilogy about teenager Marty McFly and a time-traveling DeLorean, premieres, and will become the highest grossing film of the year. On March 18, 1980, a launch Virus. Bruce Willis is tasked with traveling back in time to find the source of the epidemic in Nov 30, 2019 · Julie Hagerty became a fan favorite after the 1980 release of “Airplane!” Nearly 40 years later, she's still shining in "Marriage Story" and the Disney Plus holiday film “Noelle. The film focusses on a single family’s struggle to survive the night. It takes its inspiration from the classic 'disaster' movies of the 70's and in particular the "Airport" series. With their 90-minute run time, each of these films offers up a feature-film-length view into aviation history. Football Association Coaching : Tactics, Skills 9. So without further adieu, let's count down the Top 15 Best Natural Disaster movies after the jump. S. Mar 06, 2020 · Both films are well-made, and 8 Days makes skillful use of genuine declassified cockpit audio which it meshes with digital effects and dramatized acting. The crash, caused by bad weather, took Movies & TV DVDs & Blu-ray Discs Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab May 30, 2015 · The 15 Best Natural Disaster Films of All Time By Stacy Lambe 6:43 PM PDT, May 29, 2015 This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors. Originally shot by Steven Virostek, the video has been made available online exclusively to The Huffington Post. Starring Steven Yeun. Writer-directors Jim Abrahams and Jerry and David Zucker (or ZAZ, as they came to be known) popularized a genre of film comedy with this still-hilarious parody of then Sep 15, 2016 · The movie, developed by director Robert Kenner from Eric Schlosser's book of the same name, reveals how a warhead atop a Titan II missile risked explosion in 1980 at a Strategic Air Command (SAC Jun 13, 2019 · 3 TWISTER. As you social distance at home, remember that the '70s era was the golden age of the blockbuster disaster flick, and the Airport Aug 21, 2010 · Airplane! (1980) is a perfect example of Disaster, one of the 36 Dramatic Situations. In Airplane! (1980) NBA player Kareem Abdul Jabbar as the co-pilot Roger Murdock is a reference to NFL player Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch's role as Capt. If there are any great films you think should be higher on the Mar 17, 2020 · 12 Monkeys (1996) Universal. Jun 24, 2021 · Kaley Cuoco is looking back on having to shoot her first-ever sex scene. 7, 1955. The persons and events in this film are fictitious - fortunately! A masterpiece of off-the-wall comedy, Airplane! features Robert Hays as an ex-fighter pilot forced to take over the controls of an airliner when the flight crew succumbs to food poisoning; Julie Hagerty as his girlfriend/stewardess/co-pilot; and a cast of all-stars including Robert Stack, Lloyd Bridges, Peter Graves, Leslie May 18, 2020 · Possibly due to oversaturation or being spoofed by Airplane!, the genre went into a decade-long dormancy, like a volcano, only to erupt in the mid-'90s with smaller-scale disaster epics and Apr 29, 2021 · United Airlines flight 232 was en route from Denver to Chicago on July 19, 1989 when the engine in the tail of the DC-10 suffered engine failure, severing the plane's hydraulic lines and rendering TIL that the 1980 classic movie Airplane! was not a spoof of the disaster movie Airport, but was instead a comedic remake of a 1957 film called ZERO HOUR Jul 09, 2019 · A Canadian made-for-TV movie that came out around the same time as the famous Twister flick (see further down), it draws on a semi-fictionalized account of an outbreak of seven tornadoes that struck Grand Island in Nebraska in 1980, killing five people and injuring 134 others. The Crowded Sky (1960) Not Rated | 105 min | Action, Adventure, Drama. " —Andrew O'Hehir, Salon. The result is an aviation disaster film that represents the best of the genre. airplane disaster movies 1980s

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