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pto driven hydraulic systems The fabrication I can do . ) Brand Sort Sprayer Options. Jun 28, 2019 · Manufacturer of a wide range of auxiliary hydraulic equipment for trucks and industrial vehicles such as PTO (Power Takeoff), hydraulic pumps, fittings, winches, Power Packs, complete hydraulic systems, hydraulic adapters and other parts for all major trucks and industrial vehicles brands and models, such as Allison, ZF, Toyota, Renault Feb 01, 2018 · PTO driven wood chipper with hydraulic self-feeding system • For best performance, the tractor engine power needs to beat least 35HP and a PTO shaft speed of 540 RPM ; 1000mm length PTO shaft included • The big safety bar is used for emergency stop, and can help to easy solve the wood jam ; It is designed for easy maintenance. Showing 1–9 of 25 Victory’s BX510H is a solid and compact PTO driven Wood Chipper with a hydraulic motor, pump, and tank to provide a hydraulic Infeed System for high volume reliable wood chipping! The 5 1/2” x 10” housing opening allows for commercial-like wood chipping easily up to 5″ in diameter. Hydraulic motor drive for easy operation and low maintenance requirements. Support. Asking $150 or best offer. Since the belt-driven pump is independent of the transmission, the operator has complete freedom of movement with their truck. Often the tractor must be stopped or off to change this selector position. On-line parts manuals and assistance. Single gear 6 or 8 bolt PTO. 7. VanAir - PTO Shaft & Hydraulic Driven Underdeck Modular Systems. 97. The hydraulic system is the heart of your work truck. $929. Sep 27, 2015 · 1,420 Posts. A small amount of fluid is designed to leak internally to lubricate and cool the internal components of the pump. When you need a disconnect between the driven equipment and the prime mover, choose self-adjusting Twin Disc hydraulic PTOs. Shop 275 pto driven hydraulic pump at Northern Tool + Equipment. Doosan is a global leader in construction equipment, power and water solutions, engines, and engineering, proudly serving customers and communities for more than a century. 30/ Piece. Attaches to 3PL at rear of tractor - Quick release with pins Supplied attached to a metal frame for shipping and requires some minor assembly. 78-$207. Gardner Denver’s 'AirDrive' PTO Air Compressor, Alternator and Hydraulic Systems are the most efficient solution to providing compressed air, electrical and hydraulic power for on-site application. What both tractor and on-road PTO options require is a drive shaft terminating at the pump, eliminating any other purpose or potential for driving mechanical functions. 80. There are two major types of independent PTO; mechanical and hydraulic. Today's hydraulic systems use electronics to vary pressure and flow. Taltintoo20 PTO Pump Hydraulic Pump Hydraulic Tractor 21. RD series of gearboxes are used to reduce hydraulic Select Page. This truck mounted PTO variable hydraulic generator system is designed to produce electricity in mobile use, even while driving. Utilizing the vehicles own engine for power, Vanair underdeck rotary screw compressor systems provide you with the exceptional power your crew needs to get the job done where and when they need it – without hauling an expensive air compressor tow-behind. The roller is adjustable in direction and speed making it easy to feed branches of all shapes and sizes. Branches are pulled into the WC68 via the large 8. Hydraulic Infeed System. 2 days ago · A PTO-driven hydraulic pump allows operators to use the vacuum seed meter system with open-center hydraulic tractors and/or a 540 rpm or 1000 rpm PTO. The system is fairly simple: Drive the pump with the engine. pto kutsinde hayidiroliki mpope Mar 13, 2011 · With properly sized lines, reservoir and hydraulic motor in place the winch will be driven with a hydraulic system rather than a direct mechanical link to the transmission. Close. The roller is hydraulically driven via the chippers self contained hydraulic system. The gearboxes series are used mainly for connecting hydraulic pumps to the power take-offs of agricultural tractors. 3 GPM 1000 RPM Dynamic GP-PTO-A-9-21-R Hydraulic PTO Pump Item Number: 9-8903-9-R Out of Stock - More on Order Hydraulic Systems / PTO’s. Supplier. The pump raises and lowers with standard tractor hydraulic connections, similar to operating a standard pto. 5 Flow rate 65 l/mn - Max pressure 180 bar PTO speed 540 rpm Return to tank through a hydraulic cooler with 12VDC fan - fitted with temperature sensor 65°C and over pressure by-pass Adjustable relief valve 25 to 250 bar Flow regulator Pressure and return lines Cooler running hydraulic systems: heat is generated whenever oil dumps from high to low pressure without producing work. The power take-off is supplied Hydraulic PTO Drive Gearbox Speed Increaser. Five (5) cu. 10. hydraulic pumps As an authorized Master Warehouse for Muncie Power Products, Seneca Tank Factory Direct Parts stocks a complete line of hydraulic pumps. Genuine Muncie and Chelsea PTO units & hydraulic pumps. 99. When you have a fleet of trucks waiting for a kit Jan 28, 2009 · This pump is more than enough to drive a PTO winch. Over the years there has been three configurations for PTO drive and control. The earliest configuration was the transmission-driven PTO. The TXD models now come with FKM elastomers as standard, and have replaced the TXSD models. The hydraulic pump and PTO selected should be chosen to deliver the proper flow at any engine speed you want to run. Use with Lorenz hydraulic blowers to mount the blower on your tractor's loader arms. 1 Piece (Min. Compact cordless driver. The WoodMaxx WM-8H hydraulic auto-feed chipper is a robust self-feeding PTO driven wood chipper attachment that mounts to the 3-point hitch of your tractor. View Product. Just message me here on BISMAN. Kifco offers a wide range of PTO pumps to choose from. They support maximum side loads for increased efficiency and decreased vibration, yet take up little space thanks to a compact design. Chat PTO Shaft & Hydraulic Driven Underdeck Modular Systems - Ford®. 50. Don't know much else about this pump. and flow to the motor, is the heart of the hydraulic system. PTO SHAFT DRIVEN AIR COMPRESSOR HYDRAULIC DRIVEN AIR COMPRESSOR PTO SHAFT DRIVEN GENERATOR HYDRAULIC DRIVEN GENERATOR PTO hydraulic pump and hydraulic tank for dump trucks, dump trailers, end dumps, live bottoms, shuttle floor, float, walking floors, low boys and combo systems. PTOC-150-600-6SP. Hydraulic pumps convert mechanical energy into fluid power energy. TIPPERS Tipper trucks are the most common application for power take-offs. Add to Cart. Parker Hannifin worked with Snap-on Tools to identify tools that make it easier to torque PTO mounting bolts. My problem is getting the correct hyd. Creates chips suitable for biomass boilers. Our hydraulic generators are powered by MTE hydraulic motors and controlled by our custom designed integrated manifold, eliminating the need and cost for remote mounted valves, manifolds, and hoses. The chipper handles large branches, including leaves Instant mobile hydraulic power with the flip of a switch. The belt drive PTO’s belt gearing center distance is adjustable. PTO & Hydraulics — Call for: Same day shipping and overnight delivery. Login for Price. PTO Variable Hydraulic Generator System converts a mobile machine’s, vehicle’s or vessel’s engine power through a PTO into high quality electricity. In most ag type or hydraulic driven high flow/PTO systems, as engine speed decreases so does the PTO speed and available horsepower to the attachment. Located in the chassis and using the gearbox single or twin outlet PTO to provide motive power, this can be either by propshaft or hydraulic drive. 63 cu in PTO Drive Motor BMSY125E2SLS. 7[01] - clutch & valve assembly, independent pto drive, electric (w/cab or platform) quick view As with a live PTO, this allows for full control over the tractor while separately controlling the PTO. Power Take-off Note: PTO can only be installed on Allison RDS (Rugged Duty Series) transmissions. PTO output, standardized at either 540 or 1,000 rpm, is, in this way, increased to optimum operating speeds for the hydraulic pumps. #3 · Sep 28, 2015. Great for getting rid of unwanted brash, and perfect for tidying up after hedge row clearances. 1 Hydraulic System · Pumps/Motors · 64761 - Eaton 5423 PTO Driven Hydraulic Pump with A-Pad and Pony Pump (CR) Email to a Friend. It's approx a 42 - 45 horsepower, 15 GPM and produces close to 3000 P. Powerful input roller for self-feeding of material. When the winch is operated the PTO hydraulic pump will be engaged providing hydraulic pressure controlled by a 4 way valve delivering flow to a hydraulic motor. Note: Each shipment may vary slightly in design. Clutch Pump Kits Central Hydraulic System Electric Over Hydraulic Choose between 540 PTO drive or hydraulic. Feb 12, 2018 · Recommended tools for PTO installation. When the clutch was depressed, the PTO would stop, with obvious disadvantages. Quick View. GRH Hydraulic PTO Tractor Pump — 21 GPM, Model# CB-P160LJ42H21SS Only $ 529. The only function of the pump is to produce flow in a system. SS/KW: Modern farming equipment uses hydraulics for functions that were previously controlled by purely mechanical means. Sort By Position Price Manufacturer Part # Size Position Tank Size (gal. With over 60 years of experience, we can spec a system to fit your needs. Reliable, fast and efficient - Our industrial PTO driven wood chipper uses it's own independent hydraulic system; simply connect to the tractors PTO. Pumps are mounted by sliding the internally splined pump onto the PTO splined shaft and restraining rotation with a torque arm. PTO Driven Pumps. Chelsea has revolutionised Power Transfer Solutions to the Work Truck Market since it began in 1945. All hydraulic pumps are positive displacement which means the outlet flow is sealed from the inlet flow. 99 (1) 0. Remember tho. PTO-driven, hydraulic, for tractors Weight. Bobcat is a Doosan company. Regular Price: $1,632. PTO driven, 3 Point Hitch: CAT I & II: Number of Knives: 2 + 1: Hydraulic Infeed System: Yes: Safety Stop Bar: With Reverse: Variable Speed Control: Yes: Nylon Wrap Protected Hoses: Yes: Discharge Chute Rotation: 270 Degrees: Flywheel Housing Material: 6 mm: PTO Shaft included protected with: Shear Pin: Paint: Powder Coated: Crate Dimensions Chelsea PTO's The Leading Power Transfer Solutions to the Work Truck Market. Select Page. The MLSM Series Live Pak pump system provides protection to hydraulic components without the loss of operator control. Special Price. Close Window. Delavan Hydraulic PTO Pump 6-5110 (Roller) This is a used pump. pto kwa pampu ya majimaji Oct 16, 2021 · PTO Driven Hydraulic Pump. 0007 11 GPM @ 1500 psi = 11. Our Price: $4,170. All kits for RAM® trucks contain the following items plus the power unit, such as an air compressor or generator that you select. 1-1/4" X 1". 93 View Details Viscometer & Refractometer Benchtop Viscometer Home Hydraulic Systems Hydraulic Systems. These hydraulic power units are compact, lightweight and ideal for use on fishing vessels going after crab, shrimp, lobster, etc. It is not turbo charged. Using a single PTO The Cross Series 50T hydraulic PTO pumps are designed to be driven by a 540 or 1000 RPM PTO and provide a 3:1 speed increase. Remote Mount Driveline Driven Hydraulic Pump Options: 1000 / 1-3/8" or 1-3/4" x 21 spline only = 36 gpm max flow / closed center pressure comp or load sense pump; Hydraulic reservoir is typically 25 gallons, but capacity is flexible to meet any application requirements as these systems are built to order. $189. Lorenz PTO-Driven Hydraulic Pump, Gearbox and Storage Tank for Lorenz Hydraulic Snow Blowers; Front Mount on Tractors 40 to 60 HP. There are various output shaft configurations available for a driveshaft connection or the pump attachment, directly to the PTO, without an intermediate shaft. pto kutsinde hayidiroliki mpope hydraulic system. This PTO wood chipper is compact, yet built to withstand commercial use. A mechanical-independent PTO uses a separate on-off selector, in addition to the PTO control lever. Welcome to our website! Please feel free to send us your inquiry in detail, we will reply you as soon as possible. 9. 0kW TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) When you utilize a BOSSGEN TEFC PTO driven generator on your crew trucks, you gain a decisive edge because the BOSSGEN TEFC PTO driven generator components become an integral part of the vehicle. For example, with an engine running at 1200 RPM, using a PTO which runs at 70% engine speed, a winch requiring 18 GPM flow for the line speed needed, the pump selected must be capable of delivering 18 GPM at 840 RPM, as that is what the PTO requires to operate. If you need any assistance identifying the correct Power Take Off unit for your truck and equipment, contact your Chelsea replacement part specialists at Pro Gear and Transmission. 76 cu in 39. Qty: $338. Help; Sales 1-800-221-0516. 6kW & 10. Center section available in high strength aluminum alloy for standard duty cycle Portable Hydraulic Power Units are powered by 4-Stroke Honda gas engines providing boaters the power they need to pull pots and haul line. PDF DRAWING. CAST IRON CENTRIFUGAL FOR DIRECT MOUNT ON 20 SPLINE, 1-3/4", 1000 RPM PTO SHAFT. There are some simple rules to avoid such failures: In a hydraulic system, all pieces of equipment should be harmonious. clarkspc, Input Horsepower (needed to drive the pump) = Pressure (lb/sq-in) x Flow (gallons / minute) x . Underdeck Systems - PTO Drive Generator Units BOSSGEN 6. The DewEze® Hydraulic system provides the best mobile hydraulic power. The 540-rpm power take-off (PTO) system is compatible with 4Row through 9Row planters. 65. 6 lb) •Counter-knives system inside the shredding chamber •Rear rakes a system of machines that could be powered by the PTO. Standard Order - Many models in stock for immediate shipment. Category: PTO Drive Price: RM1,013. of the blower air stream, they will literally take your feet out from under Chelsea PTO Pump Manual Pro Gear Chelsea PTO Pump Manual to assist in identifying the parts for your Chelsea Power Take Off unit. This maintains optimal hydraulic flow Shop 274 pto driven hydraulic pump at Northern Tool + Equipment. We carry a full line of pumps and PTOs to get hydraulic power to your equipment. Sep 16, 2021 · PTO-driven hydraulic vacuum pump This attachment allows using the vacuum seed meter system pump with tractors having an open-center hydraulic system and/or a 540-rpm or 1000-rpm PTO. Hydraulic PTO Pump w\Gearbox For Tractor, Backhoe, Loaders hydraulic rams, cherry pickers Etc. PTO Shaft & Hydraulic Driven Underdeck Modular Systems For RAM® 4X2 and 4X4 UNDERDECK KITS POWER UNITS Additional coolers may be required Each Vanair underdeck kit is specific to the make and model of your vehicle. PTO Pumps are driven from a PTO shaft with maximum tractor output of 540 to 1000 rpms and are available as bare pumps, mounted on a cart or 3-point frame, or fully fitted. Nov 11, 2019 · A hydraulic pump, for example, mounts either directly or closely to the PTO unit, supplying hydraulic energy for various machine functions. Whether your application requires a clutch, dump, piston, vane or gear pump, a host of options are available. Been stored inside. 5 Hp 11 GPM @ 3200 psi = 24. Compare at: $4,390. 1 2. The The Muncie range of belt-driven hydraulic pumps: Muncie clutch pumps provide hydraulic power at the flip of a switch. find related models 1. 340 kg, 370 kg, 400 kg, 440 kg, 460 kg (749. The GATOR 3-point PTO Canal Pump. Disconnecting the PTO Clutch reduces the destructive effects of heat – lowering maintenance costs and hydraulic oil requirements; Extends the life of drive systems and components Hydraulic pumps never break down all of a sudden but they usually come through with overheat, ripple pressure, loss of flow etc. The gas accumulator system is capable of storing and releasing energy over a few wave periods, which can smooth out the very irregular power absorbed from the ocean The best hydraulic power with a quick installation. $544. Customer Care 1-800-222-5381. No additional gear box is required. The Muncie "E" Series dump pumps are built to last in the worst of conditions. pto kutsinde hayidiroliki mpope 2 days ago · A PTO-driven hydraulic pump allows operators to use the vacuum seed meter system with open-center hydraulic tractors and/or a 540 rpm or 1000 rpm PTO. Dual powered infeed rollers grab and pull material into the chipper head using two powerful hydraulic motors. If you plumbed the line from the pto pump into the existing pressure out of the pump (before any valving), theoretically the system relief valve should dump the pressure for you. capacity (1 bag mix). VMAC’s Direct-Transmission ™ Mounted Multi-Power System, the DTM70-H, is designed as a configurable, all-in-one solution for service trucks fitted with hydraulic cranes or other hydraulic Hydraulic System · Pumps/Motors · Eaton 5423 PTO Driven Hydraulic Pump (CR) 64000 - Eaton 5423 PTO Driven Hydraulic Pump (CR) Email to a Friend. Don’t have a PTO provision on your truck? We can still help with an under-hood belt driven system. 3/8" drive 6" extension. MTE AC Hydraulically Driven Generators are manufactured at our facility in the USA. tag #: 24462511 type: variable speed mounting: 2 bolt (sae b) input: 1 15t spline (sae b-b) : plow kawasaki k3vl ( variable displacement swash plate type piston pump) hydraulic pump, displacement 112 cm3 (6. I. 6 Hp This comes from the formulas listed in a Grainger Catalog. PTO Drive Gear Pump for Backhoe. PTO and Hydraulic Driven (See Hydraulic Driven Truck Pumps & Accessories Category) Blackmer TXD model pumps are the standard petroleum pumps used on the truck tanks we manufacture. This is also guessing that you are using the hydraulic oil reservoir of the tractor. This is all done through utilizing the tractor hydraulic system, whereas in the past you might have driven those things with a PTO shaft. Item Number: 9-7368-125 3 In Stock. Add to Wishlist. 30% FASTER INSTALLATION VARIABLE AIR, STEADY HYDRAULICS, ONE PTO Use variable air power and steady hydraulic power at the same time, Sep 10, 2019 · Recent PTOs use a small electric motor and hydraulic pump inside the shift cover assembly to provide hydraulic force to engage the PTO. Brackets are custom of course. Sep 13, 2005 · Posted September 14, 2005. Home » PTO Shaft & Hydraulic Driven Underdeck Modular Systems – RAM® Utilizing the RAM®’s own engine for power, Vanair underdeck rotary screw compressor systems provide you with the exceptional power your crew needs to get the job done where and when they need it – without hauling an expensive air compressor tow-behind. /ft. Motor I have an older model 773 ( probably about an1997). Auxiliary power engineering solutions. 10mm, 12-point ratcheting flex-head wrench. Order) 4 YRS CN. PTOC-1000-20SP. Perfect for fence posts, footings, sidewalls and hard to reach areas. Reduced hydraulic plumbing, fittings and hoses compared to other deck-mounted hydraulic air compressors. 99 PTO-Driven Hydraulic Pump Kit and Hydraulic Storage Tank for Lorenz Hydraulic Snow Blowers, includes hydraulic lines. Quick Overview. These were overcome by the “live” or continuously running PTO. The thru-type internal spline permits the use of a stub shaft PTO driven accessory while simultaneously driving the pump. Today it remains the global leader in motion and control technologies with innovative, high-performance power transfer systems. PTO driven blowers that will require you to have at least 16 PTO hp on you tractor to run the smallest PTO driven Leaf Blower, and up to 45 PTO hp to power the largest leaf blower we sell. Select wa Kwanza. My uncle used this pump to drive the hydraulic system of his rollback (sliding and lifting the bed and running the Ramsey hydraulic winch). VMAC’s DTM70-H is designed as a configurable, all-in-one solution for service trucks fitted Underdeck Systems - PTO Drive Generator Units BOSSGEN 6. Chelsea 890 Series was designed to fit the Allison 3000/4000 Series transmissions. Swivel flex sockets (12-point, 10mm and 15mm) 3/8" drive 12-point, 10mm Underdeck Systems - PTO Drive Generator Units BOSSGEN 6. See performance charts below to find the model that that best fits your application and click on PTO, hydraulic: PTO: PTO hydraulic: PTO, hydraulic: PTO: Engine Capacity: 25-65HP: Cat 1 and Cat 2 tractors: Cat 1 tractors: Cat 1 with 3 point attachment: n/a: Splitting Force: 22 tons: 15-25 tons: 20 tons: 20 tons: n/a: Splitting Wedge: 12 inch tall angled wedge: 8 inch heat treated steel wedge: n/a: n/a: Heat treated metal auger tip which is Sep 08, 2020 · VMAC is releasing state-of-the-art power take-off (PTO) driven technology for air compressor and hydraulic multi-power systems. Click to call: 855 844-SALE | 855 844-7253. Available with an adjustable-displacement hydraulic pump or fixed-placement hydraulic pump. These Leaf and Debris Blowers produce so much force that if you walk within 5 ft. The BIC K8500 overcomes this problem by sensing engine speed and increasing horsepower to the PTO by “turning on” the second pump at lower engine rpms. We’ll be more than happy to help. PTOC-1000-21SP. No drive shafts are required to cause alignment issues. 2 GPM 540 RPM, Pressure 2500 PSI Max, Size 6-3/8 x 6-3/4 x 8-3/4 inch, Mounting Positions Horizontal & Vertical Over-All Higher Pressure Rating. ) VMAC recently released state-of-the-art PTO driven technology that will set a new standard for air compressor and hydraulic multi-power systems. I believe it has a 540 coupler. Complete with PTO driven hydraulic pump and self contained hydraulic system. CAST IRON CENTRIFUGAL FOR DIRECT MOUNT ON 21 SPLINE, 1-3/8", 1000 RPM PTO SHAFT. 83 in3), 4600 psi rated, 5075 psi peak, 2200 rpm self prime, 2700 rpm max, used for front blade. Sep 01, 2012 · The hydraulic circuit of hydraulic PTO in wave energy application usually includes a gas accumulator system, consisting of a high-pressure accumulator and a low pressure reservoir. Has two levers to operate. Designed with the small utility tractor owner in mind, the 3-pt Canal Pump can be used for dewatering, pond aeration, flood irrigation, duck impoundments, and many other applications. Chat PTO underdeck systems mount seamlessly out of sight, under the vehicle, leaving the towing hitch free for other equipment and opens up the truck bed for additional storage space. The hydraulic oil tank will need approximately 25 litres of hydraulic oil. Was on an old Allis Chalmers Tractor to run the loader. This PTO pump kit generates approximately 20 gpm of hydraulic flow utilizing your tractor's rear PTO. 25” (21cm) diameter infeed roller. There are a number of different power take-off variants available, with single or double outlets. Shop 284 belt driven hydraulic pumps at Northern Tool + Equipment. The tipping application accounts for 60 % of all applications in Europe. Self adjusting wear plates on both sides of the gears. In addition to this, the Hydraulic Power Take-Off has good features. . PTOs also available for ATV’s and UTV’s. Blackmer TXD 90° Ported & TXDI 180° Ported Truck Pumps. PowerShift (Hydraulic) 10-Bolt Power Take-Off (PTO) - 890 Series. 80. Utilizing the FORD®’s own engine for power, Vanair underdeck rotary screw compressor systems provide you with the exceptional power your crew needs to get the job done where and when they need it – without hauling an expensive air compressor tow-behind. Items 1 to 36 of 42 total. Dynamic PTO Pumps are built for PTO drive operations on all types of tractors. We cast and machine our brackets. 00. Prince PTO pumps are specifically designed for PTO drive operation on all sizes of farm tractors. The next generation of VMAC's Direct-Transmission Mounted Multi-Power System, the DTM70-H, is now available for release. The system integrates with standard crane controls. 3/8" drive torque wrench. The system has great benefits. All 890s have Wet Spline outputs for longer pump spline life. PTO: Chelsea 272 series, 6 bolt, hydraulic activated transmission driven Drive Shaft: heavy-duty 2-1/2" diameter drive shaft with oversized universal joints Pulley Shaft: 1-3/4" diameter pulley shaft with heavy-duty pillow blocks, (3) 5vx belts Hydraulic vineyard power pack - tractor mounted - CAT 2 100l reservoir (80l usable) - return filter 20µ Cast iron PTO gearbox 1:3. For any engine type. The hydraulic system is driven by a clutch dependent power take-off, as the power take-off is only needed when the vehicle is stationary. Direct gearbox drive of drum. S. This design moves the PTO/Pump mounting flange to the rear of the transmission for better pump clearance. Jul 02, 2011 · For quite sometime I have been wanting to convert a PTO driven bush hog With a hydraulic drive. the backhoe can be powered by your tractor's hydraulic system or by a PTO drive with gear pump. Skip to content. (Cylinder, pump, PTO, valve, limitation valve, oil tank, hoses, fittings, etc. Pto Pump Hydraulic Pto Hydraulic Pump Best Quality PTO Pump Hydraulic High Pressure Gear Pump For The Hydraulic Systems Of Agriculture Tractors. Welded main frame with “universal” skid steer mount allows easy access to the operators seat. Prodrive PTO & Hydraulics is the exclusive authorized distributer/service center of Kozmaksan PTO and ABER Hydraulics in Canada. pto driven hydraulic systems

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